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Home & Hospitality

This project was co-produced with artist Najma Abukar with the support of Küche and the Centre for Contemporary Arts. The initial concept being to produce a city owned crockery set for use within multiple community settings. 

We developed the project to combine the history and heritage of Glasgow’s export plates with traditional Somali geometric designs, which were used to decorate everything from combs, drums and pottery. 

‘Home and Hospitality’ is a thirty-piece city owned community crockery set drawing on the themes of home and hospitality and the people who call the city ‘home’, which was available to hire from the CCA Glasgow for events across the city as part of its continued development.  

It was of particular interest to me researching traditional Somali designs and motifs to see the parallel and shared culture with the geometric shapes used in Julfar Ware, pottery produced in the UAE.

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