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My practice draws on a vision of aesthetics as intrinsically social. It focuses on engaging communities in relation to making, heritage settings and collections, seeking social meaning and impact through self-representation and inclusive, democratic interpretation.  


My current research interests are focussed on Julfar Ware, pottery made in the UAE for over 900 years, Scotland’s Industrial Potteries, with a particular focus on Glasgow as a major producer and exporter of ceramics during the 19th Century, and the development and application of Maker Theory, which I conceptualised and developed as part of my Masters in Museum studies at the University of Leicester.


Julfar Ware


Shimal, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, 2019

I have been working on the UAE Pottery Research Project for the past 9 years. I wrote the framework of the project as a response to the history and heritage of Julfar Ware, to safe-guard knowledge regarding making processes and clay sources and create new knowledges and creative responses to this incredible pottery heritage.  


Glasgow's Export Potteries


The Garment Factory, Glasgow | Curated by Ruth Impey. 2019

One of my major research interests is Scotland’s industrial potteries. From the mid 18th century to the late 1980’s Scotland produced vast amounts of ceramics for both domestic and international markets.


The exhibition at the Garment Factory brought together export pieces from Glasgow's potteries alongside 'Home & Hospitality' a contemporary response to this historic making and trade. 

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