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New York University Abu Dhabi

As part of an ongoing relationship with New York University Abu Dhabi, (FIND Fellowship) I was invited, in 2019, as a guest lecturer to teach a module about the history and heritage of Julfar Ware. This was an amazing opportunity to build new relationships and communities around the history and heritage of Julfar Ware and for students to produce a contemporary reponse to the UAE's extraordinary pottery heritage. 

As part of the module, I took the undergradute students on a research field trip to dig their own clay in Ras Al Khaimah, to the visit the ancient sites of Al Mataf and Al Nudud, the trading port and site of Julfar city, and to explore the ruined kilns at Wadi Haqil. This initiated discussions with the Dhakira Centre for Heritage Studies at NYUAD with a plan to integrate research and learning about the tangible and intangible culture heritage of Julfar Ware into the centre’s teaching and research clusters.

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