Scottish Pottery Exhibition

In 2022 the Scottish Pottery Society (SPS) celebrates it's 50th anniversary. The society was formed in 1972 to promote research and share information about Scotland's Pottery Industry and has been fundamental to safeguarding knowledge regarding Scotland's Potteries, particularly Scotland's Industrial Potteries. To celebrate this remarkable achievement I am working with SPS and Maryhill Burgh Halls to co-curate an exhibition of Scottish Pottery including the memories and stories of some of Scotland's last industrial pottery workers, which will take place from July to October 2022. 

We will be holding a series of community workshops in preparation for the exhibition and would love to hear any stories connected to Scotland's pottery industry. For those in the immediate community around Maryhill Burgh Halls, perhaps stories related to Saracen or Possil pottery, although we are interested in ALL memories or stories about the potteries. Please do get in touch through my contact page if you would like to be involved or have any stories to share, it would be wonderful to have your contribution. 

For more information about or to become a member visit SPS