UAE Commemorative Plate

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the UAE I have been asked to make a Commemorative Golden Jubilee Plate. The plate made from UAE clay, dug in the mountaisn of Ras Al Khaimah, will echo the traditional shape and biochrome designs of the Julfar Potters. 

I am delighted to be using a ‘duwar’ given to me by the grandson of a potter at Wadi Haqil, which was traditionally used to make the base of Julfar pots. The plate design is based on a traditional mu’aijin kneading dish which was also used as a serving dish to share food.

The anniversary plate will be presented to the UAE Ambassador to the UK, Ambassador Abulhoul, as part of the 50th National Day celebrations. Emirati students, currently studying, in the UK will be taking part in a workshop to learn about the heritage of Julfar Ware and will, I hope, also contribite to the design of the plate.